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Wall connection

If a joint in a wall look weird and you try to fix it, just change the size, sometimes if you had a detail, they just don't connect well on Revit.

Revit MEP help

Anyone knows how to delete all the neutral conductors in all circuits in Revit MEP?

Schedule in a topography

In order the cut/fill show up in the schedule in a topography, you need to create a topografy as existent, that is the original, and a Graded region as a copy, in new construction.

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The dimensions just disappeared

I have been using Revit since 2007. Something weird happened in one of my projects. The dimensions in all sheets just disappeared when I sent the files to pdf. Reading the foruns they say that is a "peopleware" problem. This never happened before. I also saw my floor disappear, I pretty sure there was any warnings. Anyone with the same trouble?

How to align floor tiles
In order to make the lines of a floor to be aligned, the material needs to be created as model, not as drafting lines.

To separate in the same floor different type of materials, use split face and paint tool..

Rendering settings

Render settings Revit  I found this settings for renderings in very  interesting:
Intense Early Morning
Exposure Value: 13
Highlights: 0.6
Mid Tones: 0.3
Shadows: 1.5
White Point: 7500
Saturation: 0.7
Exposure Value: 14
Highlights: 1
Mid Tones: 0.5
Shadows: 3
White Point: 7000
Saturation: 1.2
Exposure Value: 12.5
Highlights: 0.065
Mid Tones: 0.5
Shadows: 0.2
White Point: 7500
Saturation: 1.8
Rendering can be time consuming. I use a remote access to my computer to be able to save the render when I'm in my cell phone. I also can ask the computer to render other pictures, while I'm away.
For a Sunset Rendering:

Exposure Value: 16
Highlights: 1
Midtones: 0.7
Shadows: 2
White Point: 10000
Saturation: 1.4

When pdfs crash printing a view in Revit

If Revit crashes when create pdf files, try to see if there any family with dwg or wire mesh. If you hide them, it solve the trouble. Another way would be make jpg files, but they aren't so good for print.

Transfering families between projects in Revit

transfering families in Revit
Transfer families
It wouldn't be great if we could transfer all families from one project to another in Revit?
Anybody knows an easy way to do that? Instead copy families one by one, or insert one project to another, that doesn't work for bigger projects, there is another solution?

Reducing file sizes in Revit

Revit files reduce the size
1-Purge all families you don't use..
2-Delete linked files you don't use
3-Save as- Option-Compact
4-Create linked files for furniture, roof or whatever can be heavy.
5-Delete the render pictures you don't use, or save outside.

Revit crashes - the world is not perfect..

Revit crash family of carThere is a few things that makes Revit crashes. Some of them are pretty annoying if you don't figure out soon. The most troublesome are the families created with wires in Autocad, and brought to Revit. I didn't figure out why. I just delete the family directly from the browse that cause the trouble. It seems there is some content developed and spread over the internet created with this purpose: annoy! Anyone knows a solution for that, pleeease?

Revit MEP unnamed circuits

Sometimes you get some unnamed circuits in Revit MEP. It happen  when the location of the wire lost its host device, you just need to move or delete the wire ( if is not connected to anything!)
unnamed circuit wire in Revit MEP

Wall and Floor sweeps in Revit

Wall sweep in RevitTo work with interior design in 3 D there is a nice tool you can use to create profiles, and attach them to floors and walls, instead of change each time the wall's profile. It easy to create baseboards and other details.
You also can cut a wall and apply different type of materials, and schedule them.

Drawing source and sheets are rotating in Archicad

rotating files in Archicad

When I create an interior elevation or a 3d document in Archicad, everything seems to be fine. When I place the drawings in the sheet, the drawing gets rotated  in the sheet, in the source and sometimes in both. Even my master sheet layout gets crazy. All the files created by others also rotates. This happen all the time, and even happened one time when I changed the layer combination of the source.
Files rotate in Archicad

In the configurations all seems to be normal.

Since I'm  creating lots of new views, I have to restart my computer several times during the day. It is just my computer that has this problem now.

It seems was a file that was insert in a different angle that makes the Archicad go wild. Or may be was my local file that has some conflict, I deleted when I opened.

 But, since can be other things, anyone knows the solution to this don't happen again?

Some ideas given by Archicad (that didn't work) to try to solve the problem with drawings rotating in Archicad:

Beware to save your preference files before doing that.

Preferences Cleaning

Custom Work Environments (palette placement, shortcuts, menus etc.)
•Custom DXF/DWG Translators
•Custom IFC Translators
•Teamwork (BIM Server) Local copies of projects.

1.Open ArchiCAD and create a New project. 
rotating files in Archicad2. Then go to File / New and hold the Option key on your keyboard. Notice that the New command reads "New & Reset All" when you hold the Option key. 
3. Click "New & Reset All." This will create yet another new file but it also cleans out some basic preferences in the meantime.
4. Now go to File / Open and open the project with the problem.
Is the problem still there? If yes, then proceed to suggestion B.

 What I discovered is that a mouse of Logitech created this mess, at least fixed this problem, since I changed the mice. I used other mouse since the Apple mouse at least for me it is hard to adapt, and the problem showed again.

Can I different mouse cause this kind of damage in a software?

I wish I don't need to work with this program ever again in my life! I can work 3 time faster and deliver more content with other programs.

The stuff I used not long time ago it is now in a museum in the Canadian Centre of Architecture in Montréal!!

Archaeology of the Digital at the Canadian Centre of Architecture (CCA) in Montréal, the exhibition is part of a research project into the early history of digital tools in architecture and design c. 1985-2000.

Archaeology of the Digital centres around four key projects whose common feature is their architects’ pioneering employment of digital tools or languages inspired by computer modeling.

The four projects included are the Lewis Residence by Frank Gehry from 1995, Chuck Hoberman’s 1992 Expanding Sphere, Peter Eisenman’s unrealised Biocentrum from 1987, and Shoei Yoh’s roof structures for Odawara and Galaxy Toyama Gymnasiums from 1991 and 1992.

Revit 2012 and 2013 gets the Ribbon Menu bad functioning when install Revit 2014

You have to manually replace the adWindows.dll in the C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Revit Architecture 2012\Program folder with a newer version that works with the new .net.

Install the hot fixes.

Revit has a Bimx equivalent - Mbimviewer app for Smart Phone

Here you can get the plugin to Revit:

The app is called Mbimviewer to open the .mbv files in your smartphone.

Revit can be translated to an older version

Revit can be translated to an older version
Revit products do not have the ability to save a file so that it can be opened in an earlier version. When the file is upgrade to a new version of Revit, you can't save in an older version.

To transfer a Revit 2014 rvt file to a previous version, you can export your Revit model to the IFC and open the IFC file in the previous version of the application. IFC allows the transfer of Building Information Modeling (BIM) data between different products or previous Revit releases, but you may be lose some Revit BIM data.

Use the highest version of the IFC format "IFC 2x3" or "IFC 2x2" and set the requested export options (views, segmentation of building elements, etc.) - see "IFC Options".

My first object in Archicad - not bad

Create objects in ArchicadSince people scared me that create objects in Archicad can be very difficult, and I love a challenge...voi la!
 Lets start with small bites. Create shapes and put materials is not a big deal.  Anyone that use to make objects  knows a good resource to start to learn how to in put parameters?

Create objects in Archicad

Archicad 17 Released

Archicad 17 releasedArchicad 17 Released
The blog was seeing in almost 100 countries in the last 4 months, and I hope Graphisoft  saw this wish list of improvements in the program.

Printing in Archicad

Printing DesignIt is tricky to print in Archicad. You can't apply settings directly to the sheets, you need go to the folder, make the changes and later check each one of the sheets to be sure that it was really configured.
Check the paper size, colour and magnification. Remember to always double check, so you don't waste paper!
Printing in Archicad